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  • Essay writing support

  • Essay support from start to finish
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Check out these success stories and see how KnowledgeWorx and Nagla can help you pursue your collegiate dreams.

We’ll do it using organized and effective online tools

When you partner with KnowledgeWorx, you’ll get access to proprietary, members-only online tools that will help you discover more about yourself, allow you manage your KnowledgeWorx program, and keep you on track to submitting a great college application.

Explore Your Path


Discover what truly interests you with science-driven assessments and a college matching tool you won’t find anywhere else.

Get Organized


KnowledgeWorx uses state-of-the-art online tools to help you discover college fits, keep track of your virtual or in-person appointments, and more.

Manage Applications


Stay on top of your deadlines and keep completed application components in one place with the KnowledgeWorx cloud-based application manager.

Are you only looking for essay support?

Whether you’re preparing Common Application essay questions, University of California personal insight questions, or any other type of principal or supplemental essay – essay writing is one of the most stressful parts of the college admissions process! KnowledgeWorx helps students from start to finish of the essay writing process, all for a straightforward fee.

Flexible hourly options

For students who can manage the college application process on their own but want help with specific components, limited hourly appointments may be available. Contact KnowledgeWorx for details.

How Much Time To Budget For...

Choosing your school
3-4 hours

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Testing guidance
2-4 hours

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Essay topic support
1-2 hours

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Essay review
30 min per draft

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Essay guidance
3-5 hours

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Extracurricular review
1-2 hours

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Financial aid overview
1-2 hours

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Time-based admissions support

KnowledgeWorx offers a variety of time-based college admissions support packages, giving families the flexibility to choose the one-on-one support package that best meets student needs.

Choosing your school:

How you do you know you are choosing the right university for you? A majority of students start their college search without really understanding how to make sure that the university is a good fit for their academic, social, and financial needs. We use advanced tools to determine the perfect college fit for YOU!

Testing guidance:

Which test is more important for you to get into college – the SAT or ACT? When should you take them? How should you prepare – do you need to go to a testing center? These are common questions about testing. Together we will strategize which tests to take and when so that you give yourself the best opportunity to get into the school of your dreams.

Essay topic support:

What should you write your essays about? Well, that depends on which school you want to get into and what they are looking for in their ideal student. Together we will strategize about your essay topic based on your own unique value as a student and what colleges are looking for in the students they admit.

Essay review:

Whether you wrote your essays without guidance or you wrote them with assistance from your school guidance counselor, it is still a good idea to have a set of professional eyes review your final draft. Along with checking for things like grammar and spelling, KnowledgeWorx ensures that you have represented yourself effectively and with an emphasis on the things that matter most to the college you’re applying to.

Essay guidance:

Need essay help that goes beyond picking a topic or essay review? We can work step by step through your essays and supplemental essays to make sure that you put your best foot forward. The essay is a crucial part of the application process and every college is looking for something specific. Together we will craft excellent essays for your dream schools!

Extracurricular review:

Are you involved in enough clubs and extracurriculars? Do you play on a varsity sports team, play the flute, or volunteer at the local animal shelter? Together we will walk through your extracurriculars and ensure that they align with what universities are looking for. If it is needed, KnowledgeWorx will make suggestions and advise you on ways to beef up your extracurriculars to make you stand out from the crowd.

Financial aid review:

Are you overwhelmed with the many scholarship and financial aid options available? We will walk through all of the choices available to you and strategize about your scholarship and financial aid plan. We can fill out applications together or you can do that part on your own!

Learn more about the KnowledgeWorx process and how we’ll work to maximize your chances at admissions success.

The Comprehensive Package

Whether you are applying to 2 colleges or 20, our Comprehensive Package is designed to perfect your college application without watching the clock!

We will meticulously analyze every aspect of your education resume and pinpoint changes that need to be made to optimize your college admissions process. KnowledgeWorx provides everything you need, including:


Uncovering the things that make you unique


Evaluating transcripts and making recommendations to fill gaps


Advising on high school course selection


Creating a resume that highlights extracurricular involvement


Creating a balanced college list that interests you and determines where to apply


Brainstorming best fit essay prompt choices and topic(s) for each application platform/system


Managing application timelines, deadlines and materials


Developing academic enrichment plans


Advising on community and out-of-school involvement


Preparing for college interviews when applicable


Identifying and obtaining appropriate internships

improving study,test-talking and time

Improving study, test-taking, and time management skills


Developing a SAT and/or ACT test preparation plan that plays to your strengths


Offering guidance on which teachers to ask for recommendation letters


Planning a manageable and balanced work schedule

Above & Beyond for add ons

While the Comprehensive Package includes everything that accompanies the common app and the traditional college admissions process, some people want to go above and beyond. Here are some services that you can add-on to customize your package further:

Essay support:

Whether you only need to write a single essay for the Common App or you are writing your four insight questions for the UC schools, your written portions of your college applications mean a lot when it comes to getting accepted. When you purchase essay support with KnowledgeWorx you will get help with everything from picking your topics to polishing off your final draft – all from a WOW Writing Workshop-certified instructor.

Freshman Transition to College:

Ensure that you’re ready to hit the ground running when you arrive at school in the fall. This add-on combines one-on-one student sessions with educational research and parent consultations – all to get students and their parents ready for freshman year. Sessions are custom-crafted for each student and cover: choosing classes, special housing, learning resources, parent and student expectations, pre-freshman year success planning, and class registration.

Academic Coaching:

Academic coaching is available to students who wish to improve their academic skill set. Weekly coaching sessions are customized and structured to meet the needs of each student while assessing their strengths and weaknesses. Students will focus on practicing better study habits, keeping track of weekly assignments, gaining tools to avoid procrastination, getting organized, interfacing with professors, understanding syllabi, examining their personal motivation, and taking ownership of their academic success.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Applications:

I’ll help you discover options for financial aid, grants, and scholarships and consult on filling out the actual paperwork – including the FAFSA – which can be a bear! Not knowing where to look for money is a huge reason students miss out on their college dreams, but it doesn’t have to be. With all of the aid options out there and a pro guiding you on where to look, college might be more affordable than you think.

“Every single college has their own admissions process, their own portals, their own essay questions that you have to answer and each one is different in its own way. That makes it a little more complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing.” – Nicholas

And this is where KnowledgeWorx steps in….

The FREE full consult

The KnowledgeWorx process starts with an introduction–in-person, or remote. It is a no-obligation sit-down with Nagla to discuss your needs, expectations, and priorities. You’ll learn what KnowledgeWorx is all about and you’ll get plenty of information to decide if working together feels right. If all is a go, then we’ll get started building your strategic game plan…


No, the consult is not free. But it’s not an arm-twisting sales call, either. We think $99 is a great value, and after talking to Nagla, we’re sure you will too.

    Preferred Date:

    Student Grade:

    7-8th grade9-10th grade11-12th grade

    Ready to talk?

    Get your free consult today

    *Limited hourly appointments may be available throughout the year – contact KnowledgeWorx for more information.

    The KnowledgeWorx process

    Interest Profile Assessment

    Getting to know you

    The IPA will provide key information to help determine the ideal match for you and your personal goals. Finding the right academic institution for YOU is essential in helping you achieve academically. Hence, a college that provides you with the strongest course work in the areas you want to explore and learn more about is high priority.

    Education and career path objectives

    Getting where you want to go

    The most considerable factor in admission decisions after GPA is the strength of a students curriculum. Therefore, course sequencing, selection, and rigor are an imperative piece to guide students to their desired path of education and career goals while ultimately optimizing college applications.

    Extracurricular & summer activities

    How you spend your time

    Extracurricular activities are an important piece of the college admissions puzzle. What you do in your free time reveals a lot about you in ways that grades and test scores can not. What you accomplish outside of the classroom demonstrates your passions and highlights the qualities valued by colleges.

    Academic resume

    Toot your horn

    An academic resume is a great way to ensure that your personal information reads consistently throughout an application. Taking the time to create an academic resume not only makes the college application process easier, it prepares you to write future resumes for jobs and graduate school programs.

    Prep for standardized tests

    Hit the books

    ACT or SAT? That is the question. The first step in successful standardized testing is creating a plan of which test to take and when. By identifying your path early you can avoid wasting time and money taking unnecessary exams. Additionally, KnowledgeWorx will help identify test strategies that are real and help improve overall scores.

    College essay

    Find your voice

    Finding your voice is a crucial element in the college essay and or personal statement. We will help you find that voice so it reads as a genuine personal statement about the real you. Undoubtedly, colleges want the real you and not just a list of accomplishments. In other words, the college essay is your chance to reveal the person behind the GPA and test scores.

    Letters of recommendation

    Hear from those who know you best

    As college applicant pools grow exponentially it is natural to wonder if letters of recommendation ultimately even matter. The answer, as is the case with most complex enterprises like college admissions, is “It depends”. KnowledgeWorx assists students in understanding the recommendation letter writing process.

    Financial planning

    Crunch the numbers

    Confused between a grant, scholarship, and loan? Unclear about merit aid, need-based aid, institutional aid, and outside scholarships? The Cost of Attendance (COA), Direct PLUS Loan (PLUS), Direct Subsidized Loan (Subsidized Loan), Direct Unsubsidized Loan (Unsubsidized Loan), Expected Family Contribution (EFC), Federal Perkins Loan ( Perkins Loan), Federal Work Study (FWS), Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Merit-Based Aid, and Need-Based Aid are just a few of the terms we will navigate as the admissions puzzle comes to life.


    About KnowledgeWorx

    Meet Nagla Orlando, M.Ed.

    Nagla Orlando, KnowledgeWorx founder, has worked with a diverse group of students, assisting each in confidently engaging in the college application process. Nagla approaches the college application process as a 25-year veteran California credentialed educator in Science (Biology, AP Biology, Anatomy and Physiology). In addition to teaching Nagla mentored thousands of students in interpersonal growth and leadership skills outside of the classroom. Nagla built KnowledgeWorx around her passion for helping students gain exposure to higher education and finding the best fit for students’ unique interests, abilities, personalities and goals.


    With a singular focus, an engaging personality, and an intuitive ability to relate to students and parents, Nagla has the expertise to understand the individual, their needs and passions giving her the unique insight to objectively see each students strengths and potential.  Nagla helps you see yourself objectively rather than merely as a test score, GPA, or letter grade. When you are able to perceive yourself in this light you are able to communicate these attributes in your college application allowing an admissions officer to get a glimpse of your intellectual curiosity, tenacity, evidence of personal growth and excellence


    Nagla’s Education and Professional Memberships:

    California State University of Long Beach, BS, Human Health Science
    California State University of Long Beach, Single Subject Teaching Credential
    William Howard Taft University, M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction
    University of California, San Diego, Certificate in College Counseling
    National Association for College Admission Counseling
    Western Association for College Admission Counseling
    Higher Education Consultants Association
    Independent Educational Consultants Association – Professional Member

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