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Your step-by-step, LIVE video course guide to the college admissions process

The students I work with get accepted to more schools, make better college decisions, receive more financial aid, and have a way less stressful application process.



Who is this course for?

This course is for high school students and families navigating the changing college admissions landscape. If you want to get a jump start on college applications, ensure that the school you’re choosing is the right one for you, stay organized with expert tools and schedules, and want to be awarded the most aid and scholarships possible, sign up for this course. You’ll be guided in a personalized manner without huge expense.

Here’s a sampling of topics covered

Admission in the Age of COVID-19
In the wake of COVID-19, many colleges are moving to become test-optional. Do you know what that means for your application? Learn more about how course rigor and GPA remain the highest-rated factors in the application review and get the truth about what colleges are looking for and how to navigate the changing admissions process.



Road Map for Getting Started
Many students miss deadlines during admissions season, and missing deadlines only means one thing for college-bound seniors: missed opportunities. Get a tried and true roadmap for success in the MASTERclass.



Maximizing Financial Aid
Don’t leave money on the table – make sure you avail yourself of all of the financial aid opportunities available to you with the resources you’ll get in this course.
Essay Writing & Personal Statement
Without expert guidance, many students aren’t effective essay writers, whether because of writing style or topic selection. In this course we’ll get you dialed in to write a compelling essay and personal statement.



Don’t get test prep all wrong, and certainly don’t spend thousands upon thousands of dollars on it! This course will provide you an easy guide to boost your test scores.

How the College Admissions MASTERclass works

Watch and Participate in Live Video Sessions

Live video sessions provide you with the foundation of each month's lessons and ensures that you stay engaged. Enjoy the video live and access it later!

Get Actionable Steps and Resources

Each session I provide you with action steps and resources to help you complete your admissions tasks for the month.

Participate in the Private Facebook Group

Stay up to date on homework, discuss the process with fellow students, and ask one another for feedback.

Take Advantage of Expert Guidance in your Corner

Get decades of college admissions experience in your corner at an affordable price.


Nagla helped me get into my top choice school and I can’t thank KnowledgeWorx enough for everything that she has done for me. I was stressed out of my mind my senior year, and KnowledgeWorx helped ease the stress and get me on track to get in to my top choice school.





Underclassmen DIII/Standard
DIII/ Standard


Underclassmen DII/Select
DII/ Select


Underclassmen DI/Ivy


Individual meetings per month 1 2 3
Text, email, and phone support
One semester credit towards your Monthly Comprehensive Package when you commit to Senior Year services
Course Planning Guidance
GuidedPath account for student and parent
Academic Success Planning (KW4C 4-5 Course Rule)
– Honors, AP, Dual-enrollment
Transcript Evaluation
Extracurricular Resume Guidance
Construct college application search and select process foundation
Development of academic enrichment plans
Organizational Tools
Aptitude Assessment
On and off campus academic guidance (internships, community service, and volunteer opportunities)
Underclassmen DIII/Standard


Underclassmen DII/Select


Underclassmen DI/Ivy


Why choose the All In Package?

The All In Package is the best option for students who want access to the top tools and expert guidance on the market. All In students are granted access to the Guided Path college tool, a proprietary software that allows you to take surveys to determine your best college matches, organize tasks related to your admissions process, and sift through financial aid data to find the best aid opportunities for you. Plus, you’ll get to engage the instructor DIRECTLY as part of a private Facebook group for All In students.

Stay organized with your college applications
Get expert college admissions advice
Navigate the changes in college admissions

Meet Your Instructor


Nagla Orlando, KnowledgeWorx founder, has worked with a diverse group of students, assisting each in confidently engaging in the college application process. Nagla approaches the college application process as a 25-year veteran California credentialed educator in Science (Biology, AP Biology, Anatomy and Physiology). In addition to teaching Nagla mentored thousands of students in interpersonal growth and leadership skills outside of the classroom. Nagla built KnowledgeWorx around her passion for helping students gain exposure to higher education and finding the best fit for students’ unique interests, abilities, personalities and goals.


With a singular focus, an engaging personality, and an intuitive ability to relate to students and parents, Nagla has the expertise to understand the individual, their needs and passions giving her the unique insight to objectively see each students strengths and potential. Nagla helps you see yourself objectively rather than merely as a test score, GPA, or letter grade. When you are able to perceive yourself in this light you are able to communicate these attributes in your college application allowing an admissions officer to get a glimpse of your intellectual curiosity, tenacity, evidence of personal growth and excellence