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    • While I help you discover and find your options for financial aid, grants and scholarships, you may still need help in filling out the actual paperwork. We will sit down together and get it done!
    • This package has been quite useful to many families as it prepares students to arrive on campus with a solid plan in place. Few consultants offer this level of support and consultation. Knowledge Worx offers a customized mini package that focuses on getting ready for college. One on one student sessions are combined with educational research and parent consultations. Sessions can focus and include, choosing classes, special housing, resources for learning support, preparing the student to interface with the office of student affairs, establishing student and parent expectations, setting up a college success plan over the summer, and registering for summer classes.
    • Academic coaching is available to students who wish to improve their academic skill set. Making the transition to college can be quite an adjustment for students. Many times just as high school counselors have impacted caseloads of students college academic advisors also struggle with the same caseloads preventing them from regular individualized interactions and meetings with students. Weekly coaching sessions are customized and structured to meet the needs of each student while assessing their strengths and weaknesses. Students will focus on practicing better study habits, keeping track of weekly assignments, how to avoid procrastination, getting organized, interfacing with professors, understanding the syllabus, examining their personal motivation and taking ownership of their academic success. The goal of academic coaching is to assess the students current level of functioning while assisting in creating both short and long terms goals. While the majority of students begin using the academic coaching services freshman year, these services can benefit students and are offered at any point in college when obstacles that may prevent them in achieving their full potential may arise.