11-12 Grading Pricing – Custom Packages

Flexible hourly options

For students who can manage the college application process on their own but want help with specific components, KnowledgeWorx offers a variety of services on an hourly basis. Plans start at $1,500.

How Much Time To Budget For...

Choosing your school
3-4 hours

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Testing guidance
2-4 hours

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Essay topic support
1-2 hours

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Essay review
30 min per draft

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Essay guidance
3-5 hours

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Extracurricular review
1-2 hours

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Financial aid overview
1-2 hours

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Customized admissions support

KnowledgeWorx offers a variety of time-based college admissions support packages, giving families the flexibility to choose the one-on-one support package that best meets student needs.


4 Hours

The perfect package for those looking for some baseline guidance on school lists, applications or essay reviews.



*or 3 payments of $525

The Basics

8 Hours

With this package you will have time to dig deep into some aspects of your application! Which part is up to you!



*or 3 payments of $978

Most Popular

12 Hours

With more time on our hands, we can review each part of your application, strategize & make plans for implementation.



*or 3 payments of $1,363


18 Hours

Applying to multiple schools and want to get it all dialed in? This options gives us some time for everything!



*or 3 payments of $1,888

The Comprehensive Package

Save yourself the money and the stress and get the best package on the market. KnowledgeWorx provides everything you need to maximize your application process, including:

Crafting outstanding college applications
Uncovering the things that make you unique
Creating your college list and determining where to apply
Preparing for college interviews
Managing application materials and timelines

Developing academic enrichment plans
Advising on community and out-of-school involvement
Identifying and obtaining appropriate internships
Improving study, test-taking, and time management skills
Developing an SAT or ACT test preparation plan
Advising on high school course selection

Multi College Package Price


  • Please complete the form below to get your total price with all of the options!

    *How many application platforms will you be applying to?

    Please slide the ruler to the number of application systems (UC, CSU, Common App, etc) you will be applying within and the appropriate price will be reflected below, including all additional options!

    Want to go above and beyond?

    Add more custom options here and further optimize your application process!  The cost/option will be added to your total price.
    • While I help you discover and find your options for financial aid, grants and scholarships, you may still need help in filling out the actual paperwork. We will sit down together and get it done!
    • This package has been quite useful to many families as it prepares students to arrive on campus with a solid plan in place. Few consultants offer this level of support and consultation. Knowledge Worx offers a customized mini package that focuses on getting ready for college. One on one student sessions are combined with educational research and parent consultations. Sessions can focus and include, choosing classes, special housing, resources for learning support, preparing the student to interface with the office of student affairs, establishing student and parent expectations, setting up a college success plan over the summer, and registering for summer classes.
    • Academic coaching is available to students who wish to improve their academic skill set. Making the transition to college can be quite an adjustment for students. Many times just as high school counselors have impacted caseloads of students college academic advisors also struggle with the same caseloads preventing them from regular individualized interactions and meetings with students. Weekly coaching sessions are customized and structured to meet the needs of each student while assessing their strengths and weaknesses. Students will focus on practicing better study habits, keeping track of weekly assignments, how to avoid procrastination, getting organized, interfacing with professors, understanding the syllabus, examining their personal motivation and taking ownership of their academic success. The goal of academic coaching is to assess the students current level of functioning while assisting in creating both short and long terms goals. While the majority of students begin using the academic coaching services freshman year, these services can benefit students and are offered at any point in college when obstacles that may prevent them in achieving their full potential may arise.

About KnowledgeWorx

Meet Nagla Orlando, M.Ed.

Nagla Orlando, KnowledgeWorx founder, has worked with a diverse group of students, assisting each in confidently engaging in the college application process. Nagla approaches the college application process as a 25-year veteran California credentialed educator in Science (Biology, AP Biology, Anatomy and Physiology). In addition to teaching Nagla mentored thousands of students in interpersonal growth and leadership skills outside of the classroom. Nagla built KnowledgeWorx around her passion for helping students gain exposure to higher education and finding the best fit for students’ unique interests, abilities, personalities and goals.


With a singular focus, an engaging personality, and an intuitive ability to relate to students and parents, Nagla has the expertise to understand the individual, their needs and passions giving her the unique insight to objectively see each students strengths and potential.  Nagla helps you see yourself objectively rather than merely as a test score, GPA, or letter grade. When you are able to perceive yourself in this light you are able to communicate these attributes in your college application allowing an admissions officer to get a glimpse of your intellectual curiosity, tenacity, evidence of personal growth and excellence


Nagla’s Education and Professional Memberships:

California State University of Long Beach, BS, Human Health Science
California State University of Long Beach, Single Subject Teaching Credential
William Howard Taft University, M.Ed., Curriculum and Instruction
University of California, San Diego, Certificate in College Counseling
National Association for College Admission Counseling
Western Association for College Admission Counseling
Higher Education Consultants Association
Independent Educational Consultants Association – Professional Member

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